We help our clients anticipate and prepare for the on-going evolution of the energy markets, and ever-shifting regulatory and legislative landscape. We represent industrial and large institutional clients before state and federal energy regulators, covering such diverse matters as energy acquisitions, utility strategies, and energy battery storage, enjoying an excellent track record for reducing the energy costs for businesses.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in all aspects of energy law and regulation on a local, state, and national level, our attorneys assist forward-thinking entities in addressing cutting-edge energy issues. We advise clients on a full range of energy-related issues, including complex regulatory, litigation, transactional, and government relations matters.

Our energy law team works with companies and governmental bodies to design competitive power markets, and to develop tariffs and rules of access for regulated transmission and distribution systems for electricity, gas, and alternative energy such as biomass, solar and wind.

We develop strategies in confronting and mitigating risks and taking advantage of opportunities associated with the on-going restructuring of the energy markets and represent energy users of all sizes including:

  • Commercial and industrial energy users, in disputes with public utilities before the Illinois Commerce Commission;
  • Developers of a wide variety of energy projects;
  • Governments;
  • Competitive electric and natural gas providers; and
  • A variety of additional energy market participants other than the local investor-owned distribution utilities.

Energy-related issues will be of even greater concern in the coming years, as the next wave of industry restructuring – driven by historically low natural gas costs, rapidly expanding distributed energy resources and numerous game-changing technological advances – result in potentially seismic changes to the energy markets as well as the regulatory and legislative landscape.

Emerging energy issues include:

  • Renewable Identification Numbers (“RINs”)
  • Data centers
  • Renewable power projects