Thriving in a Transforming Marketplace and Among Evolving Regulations

The fast-changing and often uncertain regulatory environment in healthcare presents unique challenges. These issues are compounded by the number of regulatory agencies – at both the federal and state level – which release rules, request responses, and take enforcement action daily.

At the same time, participants in the healthcare industry are facing wholesale changes in the market around them: large payers and providers are merging and creating even larger entities; new business structures, such as Accountable Care Organizations, are continuing to emerge; and innovative startups are disrupting traditional methods.

How can payers, providers, and other healthcare entities understand the right steps to take in these circumstances — that represent not only the right business decisions, but also recognize and address potential regulatory concerns? How can they keep their current and future regulatory risk to a minimum, while also maximizing the value of available opportunities?

Members of Freeborn’s Healthcare Practice Group can help payers, providers, and other healthcare entities navigate among these challenging conditions by helping them address a range of questions:

  • Regulatory Requirements: What regulatory obligations do we have in our existing day-to-day business? What are the practical implications of many, sometimes conflicting, requirements from multiple agencies?

  • Regulatory Planning: What regulatory requirements apply to the business we are considering creating? How can we maximize the value of our strategy, while also meeting applicable regulatory requirements?

  • Regulatory Response: When faced with questions from a regulatory agency, what questions should we ask about the inquiry? What level of legal advocacy do we need to respond to an inquiry or enforcement action?   

Freeborn’s healthcare attorneys understand the issues that exist at the intersection of business strategy and regulatory compliance, based on decades working with these concerns from multiple perspectives.