Cross Writes About Use of Antitrust to Address Perceived Anti-Competitive Conduct of Big Tech

There is ongoing debate in the U.S. Congress and elsewhere about the application of antitrust to address  what is perceived to be anti-competitive conduct of Big Tech. In writing about this topic, Jeffery M. Cross, a member of the Litigation Practice Group and Antitrust & Trade Regulation Group, stresses that it is important to understand historical precedents when considering whether current antitrust laws are adequate. In his article “Antitrust and Big Tech,” published in the Fall 2019 issue of Today's General Counsel magazine, Cross dissects the Court of Appeals 2001 decision in the DOJ case United States v. Microsoft Corp., which the DOJ and others have suggested as a template for applying antitrust law to technology firms. Cross’ article is the latest installment of his "The Antitrust Litigator" column in Today's General Counsel. To read the article, click here and turn to pages 42-43.