Freeborn & Peters Attorney Secured $1 Million Verdict

Freeborn & Peters LLP attorney, Douglas Albritton working with our former partner Steven Roeder, recently secured a $1 million verdict for our client. It was a breach of contract and veil piercing case, which was originally decided upon by a jury trial, but later reversed by the 7th Circuit Court. 

In October of 2002, a jury found in favor of our client and awarded them $1 million.  However, the other side appealed. Unfortunately, the 7th Circuit Court ruled, for the first time, that veil piercing is an equitable issue reserved solely for the Judge and not a jury.

Our client was not satisfied with this decision so our client asked the court to enter the prior judgment. On September 19, Judge Coar reinstated the original verdict based upon his own findings of facts and reissued the judgment in favor of the client.