Bloomberg Law Highlights Recent Ruling in Freeborn client Menard, Inc. Rebate Lawsuit

Bloomberg Law recently shared news of a ruling in a suit involving Freeborn’s defense of its client, Menard, Inc. The article, entitled, “Plaintiffs’ Firms Owe Fees in Failed Menards Rebate Lawsuit,” shared details about how two law firms, which filed a class action complaint against Menards regarding its 11% rebate sale, must pay certain of Menards’ attorneys’ fees and costs. The federal court in Wisconsin ruled that it was “reckless” for plaintiffs’ counsel to continue pursuing the litigation after it became clear that plaintiffs’ individual claims, which were voluntarily dismissed with prejudice, were no longer viable.  This ruling involves a different class action complaint regarding Menards 11% rebate sale, covered by Bloomberg Law in 2021 in the article, “Menards Beats Suit Alleging 11% Mail-in Rebates Short Customers," which another federal court had earlier dismissed.  To read the latest Bloomberg Law article, click here.