Shira Isenberg Quoted in Legal Intelligencer about Appeals Court Victory for Freeborn Client Trizec

 On Nov. 8, 2019, the Pennsylvania Superior Court overturned an Allegheny County trial judge’s ruling against plaintiff and Freeborn client Trizechahn Gateway (Trizec) in a fraudulent transfer case against Philadelphia-based law firm Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis concerning two of the firm’s lawyers’ unpaid commercial rent. Trizec had leased commercial space to the Schnader lawyers for their former firm, Titus & McConomy. Trizec had been awarded $2.9 million after the Schnader lawyers violated a 10-year lease with five years remaining when they left to join Schnader in 2005. As part of an agreement with the lawyers, Schnader agreed to represent them in the appeal of the judgment in exchange for putting a lien on the capital accounts of their old firm. Trizec argued that this measure was undertaken to block its attempts to collect the judgment, but the trial court ruled in favor of Schnader. Shira R. Isenberg, a member of Freeborn’s Litigation Practice Group who represents Trizec, was quoted in a Legal Intelligencer article about the Nov. 8 ruling in favor of Trizec. The article, “Appeals Court Revives Fraudulent Transfer Action Against Schnader,” was published Nov. 14, 2019. To read the article, click here (subscription required).