Internet Law

Freeborn attorneys have been involved in shaping the legal landscape for the Internet since the inception of the firm and the dawn of the World Wide Web - from 1983, when Freeborn & Peters was first founded, when we successfully defended US Robotics against patent infringement claims which allowed the company to become the leading producer of online modems; to representing a major university when developers left to offer the first web browser as Mosaic Communications. The Internet presents a complex and constantly evolving variety of unique legal issues that companies face when advertising or doing business online.  Our interdisciplinary team will help you protect your company as you navigate the intersection of commerce, technology, and digital media. 

For example, we help clients:

  • secure domain names and resolve related disputes in court or through Uniform Domain Resolution Proceedings (UDRP);
  • prepare terms of use, privacy policies and other legal notices required for websites;
  • protect the content on their web site;
  • recognize potential defamation and privacy rights issues;
  • avoid infringing the IP rights of others;
  • comply with state and federal regulations;
  • conduct online and/or social media marketing promotions, such as contests and sweepstakes;
  • negotiate ecommerce, website development, web hosting and maintenance agreements, and
  • identify potential cybersecurity risks and respond to any security breaches.

When we advise clients on Internet matters, we take a comprehensive, business-oriented approach. As we anticipate and analyze legal issues, we never lose sight of your business goals. We team with you to implement an effective Internet strategy that achieves those goals, protects your intellectual assets, and keeps you out of trouble.