Management, Brokerage and Other Real Estate Consultancies

Our Real Estate Group helps clients contract with and oversee their third-party service providers, including property managers, brokers, mortgage bankers, property tax consultants and other vendors who provide advice to owners and users of real estate.

We negotiate agreements on behalf of our clients and provide advice on industry practices and “market” terms. When appropriate we also recommend consultants and vendors with whom we have had experience. The areas in which we assist our clients regularly include:

  • Preparing, structuring and negotiating brokerage, sales and marketing agreements
  • Engaging brokers and other advisors for space leasing 
  • Preparing, structuring and negotiating agreements with mortgage bankers and other financial advisors   
  • Preparing and negotiating property management agreements 
  • Prosecuting real estate tax valuation contests and appeals 
  • Prosecuting and defending litigation involving tenants, contractors and other third parties 
  • Counseling on a variety of project-based undertakings such as development and construction projects, financings, strategic planning and lobbying