Neal Levin Publishes Article about Psychology of Fraud Victims

Vanity Fair published a story in its 2016 January edition about the "world renowned surgeon" Paolo Macchiarini and how he conned an award-winning NBC news producer named Benita Alexander into a long-term relationship. The story, which is the stuff of blockbuster screenplays, covers the many intricate and outlandish lies Macchiarini spun - including the seemingly ludicrous detail that the Pope would officiate their wedding - to get Alexander to fall in love with him. 

Neal H. Levin, Leader of the Firm's Fraud and Internal Investigations Practice Group, wrote an article - titled "How the Celebrity Surgeon Sculpted His Prey" - providing analysis on the mindset of fraud victims and how their views and beliefs make them extremely susceptible to conmen like Macchiarini. In the piece, Mr. Levin uses Alexander's story to illustrate just how easy it is for a fraudster to con a credulous and willing target by exploiting the victim's greed and personal desires. 

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