Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling a business is the culmination of years and often decades of hard work. The sale is typically the most significant financial event in our client’s lifetime, but it may be the first and only time the client engages in an M&A transaction. We understand a first-time seller requires direct, real-time access to partners with the experience, creativity, and know-how to handle the multitude of issues that inevitably arise in a sale.

Freeborn’s M&A team is ideally suited for these first-time sellers.

  • Partners have an average of over 20 years of experience and have closed hundreds of M&A transactions, allowing us to provide hands-on, practical guidance.
  • We have a consistent track record of efficiently and effectively bringing deals to closing, while minimizing post-closing disputes.
  • Our team includes top-tier specialists in all areas routinely encountered in M&A transactions, including tax, intellectual property, employee benefits, environmental, labor, real estate, and estate planning.
  • We understand critical issues for a seller, including certainty of closing, minimizing post-closing indemnification claims, and structuring earnouts.

We handle middle-market M&A transactions, with sale prices typically (but not always) ranging from $20 million - $500 million. Our first-time seller clients include closely held businesses, multi-generational family-owned businesses, recent start-ups, professional partnerships, and entities with sole owners.

Partner Jeff Mattson serves as Chair of Freeborn's M&A Practice Group.

Recent Sell-Side M&A Transactions

Our most recent sell-side transactions had an average sale price of $58.7 million, with the sale price of most deals ranging from $15 million to $300 million. 

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*For client confidentiality, we have withheld the clients’ names and sale prices on all deals, including deals that have been publicly announced.