Robert Stines Writes Explainer for Lawyers about Blockchain as Possible Legal Profession Disruptor

Robert A. Stines, a member of the Litigation Practice Group and Emerging Industries Team, surmises that, for early adopters who love technology, blockchain is ingenious and a possible disruptor in the legal profession – similar to what email did to the fax machine. In his recently published article “Blockchain 101: A Lawyer’s (Brief) Guide,” he explains in simple terms what blockchain is, its history and development, and its security attributes, as well as how blockchain is being used, particularly as digital or crypto-currencies, but also for election voting, authentication and authorization, digital content storage and delivery, patient records management, network infrastructure, and app development. Mr. Stines’ article appears in the Spring 2019 Cybersecurity and Data Privacy issue of TortSource, published by the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section of the American Bar Association.

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